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Miriam has worked as a producer and correspondent on E! News, ESPN Deportes, Al Jazeera’s BeIn Sport and YouTube’s Clevver Media. Born to a Cuban Lebanese family, she graduated from Florida State University’s School of Drama with a BA in Theater. After moving to LA, she co-launched Clevver Media’s Clevver Teve – YouTube’s most viewed Spanish-language  entertainment news channel to date. She has also hosted, directed and produced across all of Clevver Media’s network (encompassing millions of unique subscribers and billions of views).

Miriam was also the first E! News personality hired by the network to host and produce her own shows, because Miriam strongly believes in shaping her own content. The network agreed. 


Miriam’s roster of interviews spans the gamut - from Super Bowl winners to political prisoners. In addition, Miriam has cultivated a strong following for her objective political and cultural commentary. She recently delivered the 2019 keynote speech at Australia’s Friedman Conference, and she’ll be speaking alongside John Mackey (Whole Foods Founder & CEO) and Vernon Smith (Nobel Winning Economist) at Libertycon 2020, the biggest Libertarian convention in the US. She is also launching a bilingual, centrist political YouTube series that uses her knack for comedy and compassionate nature to do what she does best - build bridges within civil discourse.


In between shoots and donut eating competitions, Miriam can either be found globetrotting or planning her outfits for Burning Man.

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