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Dr. Kien Vuu envisions a world full of healthy humans who are fully contributing their gifts to humanity with vibrant health and vitality.  His vision not only stems from the miraculous recoveries he has witnessed as a physician but from overcoming chronic disease himself.  Dr. Vuu is a clinical professor of medicine at UCLA-David Geffen School of Medicine and practices Interventional & Diagnostic Radiology at UCLA – Olive View Medical Center, Huntington Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Vuu’s mission is to elevate the health of the world and assist in elimination of chronic disease through media, television, and social media.  His talks, online content, and live events focus on personal empowerment and integrative and holistic approaches to healing and medicine. His content includes the power of thought and mindset as medicine, meditation/stress control, diet and the microbiome, sleep, biohacking, epigenetics, and alternative therapies along with other alternative and holistic treatments.

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